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Aaaaaaand...we're back!
10/27/2009, 12:44 AM

Feels good, doesn't it? Just in case you don't know, then yes. Yes it does.

Anyways, lots of things to discuss. Some of you asked what an endcap is, is the end of aisle at a store that face outward into the main aisle. In the Shinkenger/Captain Planet comic, for those of you who don't know what Shinkenger is, it's from the Japanese Super Sentai Series (where Power Rangers gets it's source material from). It's the 2009 installment, fully titled Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, and it's about modern day samurai fighting monsters called Gedoushuu from the Sanzu River. Interesting show, watch it (with subtitle if you don't speak Japanese). Also, if you don't get the whole joke in that strip, you're hopeless. But ask about it in the comments section! As for the Transformers strip, if you watched Revenge of the Fallen, you should get those.

ANYWAY, now that we're caught up, what's next? Well, obviously, I'm not gonna tell you. But guess at least! Or make suggestions (I might use them)! But don't worry, the wait won't be quite as long as the one we just came back from =P

To regular updates, huzzah!

Tags: Frank, Super Sentai, Captain Planet, Transformers

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