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Summer Boredom
06/22/2009, 11:52 PM

Summer Boredom...

So! Yes! My name is Colin! My first blog -ever-! Uhhh I guess this is the part where I tell you about myself. I am much like Frank. Where his dedication is to his childhood, my dedication is to my future-IN GUNS!

I love guns (and I have no doubt that someone just turned away from my blog) and I'm also beautiful (and you just looked back). So, uh, other than that I'm pretty much the most open minded person you can ever hope to sleep with (and/or get to know; it really doesn't matter to me because in my head it happens anyway). I'm a poet and I enjoy the simple things in life. In fact, in the comic I intend to force my husband Frank (in-joke, you'll understand soon) to draw my character like Sean Connery with a little bit of Keira Nightly. My brother had just read this and demanded that I erase it because I am, as a writer, obligated to serve you like a petty slave and make you giggle as if I was trained to. Heads up, I do this because I have an ego the size of Jupiter. I could care less if you read this because in the end I do it because it makes me happy knowing that some of my ideas are turned into jokes that you can enjoy.

Most of my blogs will be about the people who just read this thinking, "Well, I read web comics all the time and I intend to" and that's when I stop you, remind you that it's the internet, and push you away to something called real life where everything is wonderful so long as you're ugly, which ha-ha! I'm not.

Now, to get out of the rant, I want to make a very good point to the viewers. Prego. A term that some people use because they are obviously too stupid to continue the term "pregnant." And really guys? It's a two syllable word. However! To my infinite joy I have found that there is indeed a sauce you can put on say pasta, called Prego...its red and gooey. I wonder why they call a red and gooey sauce "Prego." If you found this offensive in any way I hope you're ready for my future blogs. Because they are going to be full of comments like this that are meant to cause this face "O.O" or this face "o_o", depending on your facial structure. Remember now that you will never get this time back.

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