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Kamonohashi tells a story is about Frank and his strange crew of friends and their strange doings. It's mostly kind of random, and sometimes doesn't make sense. The comic is made up of random strips and references, hence the name "Kamonohashi," Japanese for "platypus."


Frank is artistic first, kind second. Or, no, he's kind, and then... funny. And. He's... indecisive. Well, Frank is all of these things and more, with dash of confusing and a sprinkle of contradictory. But he really likes to make people laugh, make people espresso drinks, and most of all, make people think.


Christina is a misanthrope outside, but a softie people-lover on the inside. She likes cats, audio engineering, Call of Duty, and the macabre. She LOVES, however, being right. She won't settle for being any less than one-hundred-percent correct, and if you prove her wrong, she's still undoubtedly, perfectly, precise.


Colin is a nut. A nutty Irishman (he doesn't have an accent, but he can if you want him too). He likes guns and he like women. Although, out of those two, he probably likes zombies best. Wait, so... yeah, guns? Circular, really. Relativity and such. This still makes more sense than Colin.


Eric is kind of a punching bag. But that doesn't mean he's unappreciated. Despite being the constant in-joke, he certainly pulls his weight. His friends wouldn't think of going anywhere without him, and the same goes for Frank and co. Still, he's a pretty easy target.

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